ma doare capul

“The entire system was hacked by # owner, please use this page… to report # as fake site.
We taked back #, ## (now redirecting to *.ru), we changed domain because $ has some DNS issues. About &&, we’re working with the domain provider to take it back.
We lost the facebook fanpage and we’re using the new one.
All our servers were reinstalled/formatted by the hacker, so we lost all the cover. As temporary method, we’re using covers from MAL, if u see any wrong covers, please tell us via the new facebook fanpage, we will fix it.
The hacker steal our video database and is using it, this cause some videos are broken because they are overused. We’re fixing this issue.
Comments are safe, nothing lost.
The site is running slow because we must rebuild all the cache while fixing videos at the same time, it will gradually get better.

/// a fost un site creat de rusi?

Oricum  i-a fost vesel lui #owner. Din cauza lui # owner a trebuit sa vizitez tosarangu’

ma doare capul si nu am cui sa ma pling

vreau sa ma alint si nu am cui

운전중 스마트폰 사용 위험!

Busan Family of the Griffin 🙂


In a war torn city, a lone Delta Force operative is instantly killed by a mysterious figure invisible to the naked eye.

In Virginia, DARPA researcher Dr. Mark Clyne is informed by his supervisor that he is to be flown to Moldova, where the US military is currently deployed in the ongoing Moldovan War, as his expertise is required regarding a line of hyperspectral imaging goggles of his design that have been issued to troops there. 😀 100% Moldova e experta in asa domeniu

Whilst the soldiers mount an offensive on the roof of the plant, Clyne and Madison discover a recently abandoned laboratory inside. They deduce that scientists, working in weapons research for the former regime, were scanning humans on a molecular level and utilising advanced 3D printing to replicate them in Condensate form. The human test subjects’ brains and central nervous systems were then removed and hooked up to a central   which keeps the condensate copies (or “apparitions”) alive. Before the apparitions emerge victorious in their battle with the soldiers, Clyne is able to activate a failsafe system, which deactivates the condensate apparitions. Deducing that whatever level of consciousness remaining is in pain, he then proceeds to unplug the human remains from the machine, finally giving them peace.

Actiunea are loc “undeva in Moldova” dar s-a filmat in Ungaria.

Daca l-a Kubo s-au straduit mai mult, pentru Moldova… kinda…

Daca actiunea se petrecea in Mimulala mai intelegeam.

Daca s-ar pune mai mult accent pe educatie, invatamint si inovatie as crede ca in Moldova asa ceva e posibil.

De ce nu a aratat secvente in fim cum sa reciclam si sa-i invete pe fumatori unde se arunca mucul si ambalajele de la tigari. De ce nu a aratat ca nu e frumos sa scuipi pe jos.

Poate sunt si fumatori cumsecade, dar nici unul nu s-a gindit sa formeze un grup pe facebook si sa organizeze Temp/Doina day in care sa-i invete pe “Moldoveni” sa pastreze curatenia in public.

Noi asteptam ca cineva sa vina si sa ne invete si anume CINEVA sa ne stringa gunoiul care l-am lasat pe drum.

vreau sa votez pentru un politician in care sa gasesc in  programul sau electoral solutii pentru Ocrotirea Mediului Inconjurator.

Не удается получить доступ к сайту :(

  • oreo, yama-art
  • sweetune s-a zgircit, nu e inclus instrumentalu’
  • sa-mi fie rusine, :D>>> 2 tone lipstick
  • erau si in trecut hanbok din pinza florata?
  • de ce copacii sunt cu proptele?
  • de ce ouale fierte sunt ichise la culoare?
  • care dobitoc a reusit sa uploadeze un torrent file? eu cind am intrebat si am cerut ajutor, nimeni nu a vrut sa-mi explice.
  • acum si balladele lor imi par cheesyyyyyyyy, trebuie sa ascult intr-o limba pe care nu o inteleg
  • pc decide acum ce sa accesez
  • dupa ce criteriu se formeaza colajele?
  • josan-parfeny
  • 소리꾼의 탄생>>
  • nu mi-am luat doza de chinese din cauza ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED