Subject + 那么(name) / 这么 + Adjective

“这么” is used when the thing you are talking about is close by, when you would say “this” or “这个.” On the other hand, if the object is far away, you would use “那么.” Furthermore, this distance doesn’t have to be physical, it can also refer to time, so you would use “那么” with things like “yesterday” or “tomorrow”.

fluctuatii sezoniere

seasonal demand


Some examples of scarcity include:

  • The gasoline shortage in the 1970’s
  • After poor weather, corn crops did not grow resulting in a scarcity of food for people and animals and ethanol for fuel.
  • Over-fishing can result in a scarcity of a type of fish.
  • Fewer farmers raising cattle can result in a scarcity of milk and cheese.
  • An embargo on imports from a country can result in a scarcity of the resources that country exports.
  • Due to politics regarding a dam in Gujarat, water has become scarce.
  • Coal is used to create energy; the limited amount of this resource that can be mined is an example of scarcity.
  • Those without access to clean water are experiencing a scarcity of water.
  • In 2012, avian flu wiped out millions of chickens in Mexico creating a scarcity of eggs, a stable of the Mexican diet.
  • Revealing that a population of cattle in a country has Mad Cow disease, resulting in a need to slaughter the animals, could result in a scarcity of beef in the country.
  • Over-hunting of an animal population could make it scarce.
  • Refusal of pharmaceutical companies to create drugs that do not make large profits can cause medication of certain types to be scarce.
  • Each year a limited amount of the flu vaccine is available to the population, meaning there is not enough for each individual to be vaccinated. This is scarcity.
  • When hurricanes have incapacitated refineries on the Gulf Coast, oil prices increase because of the possibility of scarcity of gas for vehicles.
  • Because of a conflict preventing individuals to visit their farms, residents of Alavanyo in Ghana have a food scarcity.
  • Flooding in Nigeria washed farmlands away and has the potential to create a scarcity of food for the residents of the nation.
  • An undereducated population in a country that needs high level skilled workers can result in a scarcity of labor.
  • A disenfranchised population may not volunteer for military services, resulting in the scarcity of individuals to protect the nation.
  • Recent proposed gun legislation in the United States has caused individuals to hoard ammunition, leaving a scarcity of ammunition.
  • Those who live in harsh climates in which it can be hard for transportation to reach them can experience food shortages if weather prevents delivery.
  • The depletion of forests in Thailand has led to a scarcity of wood, forcing individuals to take wood from demolished buildings in order to build new ones.
  • Waste of water through long showers or allowing water to run while brushing one’s teeth can contribute to a scarcity of water.

All of these are examples of scarcity because there was not a sufficient amount of the resource to go around.


The Scarcity Principle: People attach more value to things that are few in quantity.

This principle can be commonly used in two broad methods:

  1. Limited-number – Item is in short supply and won’t be available once it runs out.
  2. Deadline (Limited-time) – Item is only available during that time period.

These tactics are used frequently in offline and online stores, as they are low-risk and easy to manage.

When selecting designs, sizes, and cut of the apparel you want, MoS indicates which sizes are currently out of stock.

This plays nicely with the principle of social proof (a lot of people have bought this particular design, so it must be the best).

Of course, you’re encouraged to give your email address so you can be informed when they restock.

Anniversaries are a good way to celebrate the history of your brand, and also a good opportunity to thank your customers.

In auctions such as those on eBay, customers are not only motivated by the desire to own something exclusive, but to beat other people, as well as do so within the bidding window.

Conclusion: We are always drawn to things that are exclusive and hard to come by.

…we tend to attach more value to things that other people are competing for, a phenomenon that is part of social proof.


atunci cind nu ai cu cine invata teoria muzicii :(



am crezut ca va scri Gdur

mod de predare kinda…

De ce Cheia sol nu are codita?

Ma deranjeaza cum a desenat Cheia Sol

Smaller instruments, which play notes mainly above middle C, only use the treble clef. These include the violin, flute, clarinet, oboe and trumpet.

But some bigger, lower-pitched instruments, like the bassoon, trombone or cello, have a range which is partly above and partly below middle C. If we only used the treble or bass clefs for these instruments, we would end up using a lot of ledger lines:

<Ledger lines are quite difficult to read>, so the clef is changed to suit the pitch of the music at any particular point.

La Ciprian Porumbescu se invata C-clef?

Cheia sol. cheia fa. c-clef ,cheia do

doamna de la tabla a desenat note hidoase

Pe noi ne invata sa scrim notele frumos

patrimi, optimi, saisprezecimi strasnice


mi la re sol si mi

greu de convertit din C in do

Coranul incurajeaza violenta?

…dupa atitea evenimente, nu mai cred ca adeptii lui Alah sunt sanatosi.

Cum isi promoveaza cultura? Prin violenta?

Ma intreb, ei au cultura?

La ce le ajuta pelerinajul din Mecca?

Chiar in Coran scrie sa ucizi?

Alah incurajeaza uciderea familiilor si a copiilor?

Daca da, nu ma mai simt in singuranta nici in tara mea.

De ce ar trebui sa fiu toleranta daca Ei nu respecta cultura si oamenii din Republica Moldova.

///…cind am fost la biblioteca, am vazut un student arab care citea linistit un manual de biologie, cred ca era student la medicina, fiindca majoritatea studentilor straini care vin in Republica Moldova sunt din Statele Arabe. Brusc s-a oprit de citit si a inceput sa se roage pe podea. Trebuia sa-i aruncam o bomba in nas? Nu!

…cind folosesc transportul public se mai intimpla ca anume pe Stefan cel Mare unde se afla Universitatea de Medicina N. Testemiteanu dau de studenti arabi care dupa intonatia vocii imi pare ca ne vorbeste de rau. Trebuie sa-i agresam? Nu, fiindca suntem un popor pasnic si ii respectam pe cei care ne viziteaza tara.



Daca si-au distrus casele, familiile din tara lor cu caldura insuportabila, e vina lor. De ce Europa e obligata sa primeasca refugiati daca ei nu se pot controla? La inceput am fost toleranta dar dupa evenimentele din Nice de pe Promenade des Anglais…

BBC>>> Residents of his apartment building said he was a loner who did not respond when they said hello.

Daca s-a stabilit cu traiul in Nice, putea macar sa fie amabil si politicos. Ca doar nu traia in pustiu. Din cauza unui badaran cred ca adeptii lui Alah nu contribuie nimic pentru prosperarea societatii. Si-au distrus tarile de bastina, si prin cultura lor (care “inca” nu o inteleg) distrug tarile pasnice din Europa.


Lucrezi zi de zi, aduni bani cu bani cu speranta ca intr-o zi vei calatori si vei cunoaste oameni noi, si cind colo…

Chiar daca am fost respinsa si ignorata de oamenii care i-am iubit, nu am recurs la violenta.

Am inceput sa lucrez si la prima majorare a salariului mi-am procurat dictionarele pe care le-am dorit. Cind am venit acasa cu ceea ce am cumparat am uitat de perioada neagra din istoria vietii mele.

As vrea sa mai traiesc, sa mai muncesc si sa adun bani ca sa pot calatori si eu fara sa-mi fie frica de vre-un atac terorist provocat de un Dobitoc.

As vrea sa mai traiesc, sa mai muncesc si sa  adun bani ca sa pot cumpara si eu cadouri persoanelor dragi.

As vrea sa mai traiesc, sa mai muncesc si sa adun bani ca sa-i cheltui si eu…

As vrea sa mai traiesc si sa mai muncesc.



nu-mi amintesc cum am cheltuit primul salariu…


payroll>1. stat de plată (a salariilor)
2. listă de plată, stat de plat
3. numărul total al angajaţilor unei întreprinderi


The term payroll shall include the cost of salaries, wages, bonuses and all other employee compensation, including related pension and social security costs borne by the employer.

Termenul masă salaria” include costurile cu salariile, remunerațiile, bonusurile și toate celelalte beneficii acordate angajaților, inclusiv costurile conexe cu pensiile și cu asigurările sociale suportate de angajator.
Wages and salaries are defined as the total remuneration, in cash or in kind, payable to all persons counted on the payroll (including home workers), in return for work done during the accounting period, regardless of whether it is paid on the basis of working time, output or piecework and whether it is paid regularly.
Indemnizațiile ș i salariile sunt definite ca remunerația totală, în numerar sau în natură, plătibilă tuturor persoanelor incluse pe statul de plată (inclusiv lucrătorii la domiciliu) pentru munca prestată, pe durata contabilizării, indiferent dacă plata se face pe baza timpului de lucru, a producției sau în acord ș i dacă este periodică.



ep. 3

left>script lines
right> music/coloana sonora

new hero


巫 wu witch
兩 liang 2=两/some, few,both


  • is used when counting things with a measure word, (èr) is used in numbers.
    • Examples with
      /   ―  liǎng ge rén  ―  two people
      /   ―  liǎng nián  ―  two years
    • Examples with (èr)
      二十  ―  èrshí  ―  twenty (literally “two tens”)
      第二  ―  dì’èr  ―  second