atunci cind nu ai cu cine invata teoria muzicii :(



am crezut ca va scri Gdur

mod de predare kinda…

De ce Cheia sol nu are codita?

Ma deranjeaza cum a desenat Cheia Sol

Smaller instruments, which play notes mainly above middle C, only use the treble clef. These include the violin, flute, clarinet, oboe and trumpet.

But some bigger, lower-pitched instruments, like the bassoon, trombone or cello, have a range which is partly above and partly below middle C. If we only used the treble or bass clefs for these instruments, we would end up using a lot of ledger lines:

<Ledger lines are quite difficult to read>, so the clef is changed to suit the pitch of the music at any particular point.

La Ciprian Porumbescu se invata C-clef?

Cheia sol. cheia fa. c-clef ,cheia do

doamna de la tabla a desenat note hidoase

Pe noi ne invata sa scrim notele frumos

patrimi, optimi, saisprezecimi strasnice


mi la re sol si mi

greu de convertit din C in do


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