interesant, cum e cind cineva cinta ceea ce ai compus

warcraft ost de la un user anonim

///Ramin Djawadi (Persian: رامین جوادی‎; born July 19, 1974) is a German composer of orchestral music for film, television and video games. Djawadi is best known for his Grammy-nominated, guitar-driven score for Iron Man and Pacific Rim and for the TV series Prison Break, Game of Thrones and Person of Interest.

01 Warcraft
02 The Horde>>>*
03 Medivh
04 Honor>>>*

05 Forrest Ambush
06 Lothar
07 Gul’dan>>>*
mosane pi
last airbender >ending
02:27> la un <character> hidos asa fragment
“The Destroyer of Dreams.”

08 The Beginning
09 Strong Bones

10 Victory and Defeat
11 The Book>>>*

12 Two Worlds Colliding
13 The Incantation
14 Half Orc, Half Human
15 Whatever Happens

16 My Gift to You
17 Llane’s Solution
18 Mak’gora
19 For Azeroth>>>
The world of Azeroth is the birthplace of many races, most notable being elves (night elves, high elves, and blood elves), humans, dwarves, tauren, goblins, trolls, gnomes, pandarens and dragons.

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