Congratulations Ukraine

Yasligima toyalmadim
Men bu yerde yasalmadim

I couldn’t spend my youth there
Because you took away my peace


prezentarea Suediei si a Germaniei

lituania sing along
nu si-a mai schimbat haina
Lazarev a imbatrinit

m-au luat in ris cu produsele oferite
United Kingdom

nu si-au schimbat hainele

rochie verde oribila
long time

Romania nu-i, 12 puncte pentru Rusia sau Ucraina
cum de Australia nu a mai afisat si celalalt flag?


Malta> song for CF pentru apa minerala

nu pot sa-l ascult pe Justin

can’t stop the feeling


reason cu ecou


slow motion


acelas text de la semifinala









Junior Eurovision Malta

fire in the rain


iceland > luna nu vrea sa stea in brate

Nina >Georgia

Junior Eurovision

Valeta City

ce soir

+{Previzibil > 12 points for Ucraine

AustrLIA> ce are la git?

Belgium> papion auriu


thank you for the music

greek composer for Lazarev

costumul lui Verka

poor little Germany>1point


Sweden humor

tipic, isi ascund fata cu ce au in mina

de unde gaseste asa rochii?

dj who pretends to scratch

it’s time for chorus

10 puncte Germany> total 11

Rusilor nu o sa le placa rezultatul

poor little Germany



…the story of her great-grandmother Nazylkhan, who was in her mid-20s when she and her five children were deported to barren Central Asia. One of the daughters did not survive the journey. Jamala’s great-grandfather was fighting in World War II in the Red Army at this time and thus could not protect his family.

The song’s chorus, in the Crimean Tatar language, are words that Jamala had heard from her great-grandmother, reflecting the loss of a youth which could not be spent in her homeland.

Sora bunicii, Ioana: “Am sa mor si nu o sa-l mai vad pe tata…” Tatal Andrei care a plecat la razboi si nu s-a mai intors.

The song features the duduk and the use of the mugham vocal style.

The duduk  is an ancient double-reed woodwind flute made of apricot wood. It is indigenous to Armenia.

Unlike Western modes, “mugham” modes are associated not only with scales but with an orally transmitted collection of melodies and melodic fragments that performers use in the course of improvisation. Mugham is a compound composition of many parts. The choice of a particular mugham and a style of performance fits a specific event.  The dramatic unfolding in performance is typically associated with increasing intensity and rising pitches, and a form of poetic-musical communication between performers and initiated listeners.

hhh, nici nu am stiut ca Balaban e fluier.


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