memo- mk

  • Slow loading time>>>

    It isn’t optimized for mobile.

  • It offers poor navigation.

  • It uses excessive pop-ups>>>uses polite language in the “no” option. (ex: cute “love me” message>less annoying)

  • silent browsing session>animations, autoplay videos, blinking and flashing paid advertisements, and other interactive entertainment.
  • It’s much better to show real pictures of customers, employees, your company, your product, and your location.
  • It contains a contact form, but no additional contact information.

  • ‘About Us’ page> written in a way that people actually speak

  • Don’t Make Me Think
  • It’s missing social sharing buttons on content.

  • It doesn’t have a blog.

  • isn’t misleading
  • insulting  visitors
  • links open into a new tab in your browser
  • Many readers are scanners and wont’ invest the time to click through every image in the slider.


  • Saying that something new “will never work” sounds catchy, authoritative and smart, but here’s the secret that the people saying it don’t want you to know: it’s not up to them.
  • If you find that the idea you’re pursuing is something that solves a real pain, keep chasing! Even if your product is wrong now, you can pivot and get it right.

/// am o fantezie: se gaseste un om bun si i-mi explica ca la”proasta” metoda gauz jordan si metoda Nord Vest

  • …if it’s something that people don’t really care about, then giving up should be a real consideration; no matter how good your product is, if people don’t care or want it and you can’t make them care, then it’s probably not an idea worth pursuing (or perhaps you’re not the right person to pursue it).

    There are an incredible amount of opportunities out there for entrepreneurial people, and the faster you give up on one that won’t work, the faster you can move on to one that will.

  • “It’s all about the product.”>>>

    …products don’t win. Businesses do…. your product has to be good. As Gary Vaynerchuk says better than I can, “great advertising won’t save your shit product”.

    But a great product won’t save bad marketing, either.

  • “Focus on users now, money later.”

  • And just because it applies to a few unicorns, doesn’t mean that it applies to you.

  • …building a business that’s self-supporting will give you the freedom to focus on whatever it is that you want.

  • …any advice that’s couched in “you need ____” is advice to be very skeptical of.
  • Work from home, coffee shops, coworking spaces… anywhere that doesn’t tie up thousands of dollars per month that would be better spent actually building your business.
  • Ideas are the most hugely overvalued currency in the business world.
  • “Fail, fail, fail. Keep failing until you succeed.”

  • I get that failure happens, and that it’s a big part of being an entrepreneur. It’s one of the reasons we’re so transparent with our failures on this blog. I think it’s valuable for people to see that it’s simply a fact of growth and trying new things.

    But I also think that the trend of “embracing failure” is dangerous for a lot of first-time founders, because it causes people to think that failure is SO “okay” that we don’t need to take steps to prevent it; to do the hard work of mitigating our risk so that we minimize the chance of failure.

    Don’t embrace failure. Embrace discomfort instead.

  • “Find a market with no competition.”

  • Fifty other companies trying to solve the exact same problem?


  • The Merits of Giving Up on Your Ideas

  • …our ideas are often tied to our dreams, and what we’re really unwilling to give up on is the dream itself.
  • Today, no one introduces Zuckerberg as the “failed Wirehog guy.” They applaud him for the way he has been able to grow and develop multiple, leading social platforms.
  • learn why some are chosen, and understand why others are rejected.
  • Don’t worry if you give up on a bright idea. If you’re constantly producing ideas, you’ll have plenty more and you want to spend quality minutes on the that click – not the ones that don’t.



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