exemplu upload

<b>Denumire</b>: Smells Like Spring<br>
<b>Gen</b>: House<br>
<b>An</b>: 2016<br>
<b>Label</b>: Seven Villas<br>
<b>Source</b>: junodownload<br>
<b>Playtime</b>: 01:53:16<br>
<br><b>Despre muzică</b>: <font style="line-height:normal;" size="1"><div align="center"><font face="Arial"><b>Tracklist<br />
01-Watson &amp; Kuzmic - Jolie Laide (07:02)<br />
02-JEEP - Tout Les Dinos Sont Morts (05:35)<br />
03-Mintz - Over The Past Year (06:59)<br />
04-Indigo Minds - Illusion (07:01)<br />
05-Draso - Oscillations (07:35)<br />
06-Pablo Bolivar &amp; Ben Preisinger - Rainy Dawn Lights (08:12)<br />
07-Ercos Blanka - While I Am Laughing At Me (09:45)<br />
08-Daniel Ray - Before It's Too Late (06:25)<br />
09-Muk Ti - Ashtanga (07:36)<br />
10-Felipe Bravo - Samarieta Seasson (08:00)<br />
11-Helly Larson - Evening Mood (05:46)<br />
12-Born To Jam - Toomanymoods (13:39)<br />
13-Jose Vizcaino - Help Me Chilka (06:13)<br />
14-Javier Orduna &amp; Pablo Bolivar - El Cantimploras (06:39)<br />
15-Neonis - Blinded Rain (06:47)</font> </b></font><br />
<br />

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