Daniel Miessler: do it for yourself

  • a tool to capture things i’ve learned
  • captures of what i’m reading
  • study>>> the best way for me to learn something was to research how it works, write a tutorial for myself that covers the main concepts, and then post it online for me to reference when needed.


///  i liked his teaching method

Sebastian Bork===hacking is being creative with technology

Aleksandr Dzerjinskii===

programatorii>ceeaza LEGO

developerii>aduna piesele LEGO

hackerii>aduna constructiile LEGO

testerii>distrug LEGO

don’t get old>>>give up on painting, or writing, or whatever because it’s not ‘realistic’. getting old means giving up. it means merging one’s individuality snd desires into a collective that does not share your ideals nor your priorities. there are many definitions of death, but the best one is believing that your best days are behind you.



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